Puck Dumps 10/29/13

Halloween is just around the corner. What will you be for Halloween? I will be drunk.

The Top Line

The Rangers finished off their 9 game road trip to begin the season…. and lost. ESPN, NBC, Sports Illustrated,  NHL.Com, The Local Take



Dallas 4, Buffalo 3 – New acquisition Matt Moulson scored twice for the Sabres, but it turns out the Sabres still blow.

Pittsburgh 3, Carolina 1 – The Penguins beat the Staals. But then, the Staals didn't score.

Montreal 2, New York Rangers 0 – The Rangers are winless at MSG. Also, hey, Peter Budaj had a shut out, so that's nice for him.

Chicago 5, Minnesota 1 – Any day a Brookbank scores on you, things aren't going to end well in hockey town.

Vancouver 3, Washington 2 – Daniel scored the game winner, and for today, Momma Sedin loves him just a little bit more.


Tweet of the Moment


In my mind, this is legitimately a blue tie affair. As in, blue tuxes. 

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