Puck Dumps 10/26/13

So much hockey today. It's going to be a hard dump tomorrow.

The Top Line

People seem pretty excited about the Maple Leafs-Penguins game. Especially Canada. Weirdos. ESPN, TSN, CBC, The Local Take



New York Islanders 4, Pittsburgh 3 – Takes some of the shine off the Leafs/Pens, doesn't it? The Isles won based on 3 3rd period goals

Columbus 5, Toronto 2 – Oof, yeah.

Anaheim 2, Ottawa 1 – I met some people in Anaheim the last time I was out there. One had never left California. The other had never left Orange County. This game must have been a trip for the Ducks.

Buffalo 3, Florida 1 – Oh, they atually went ahead and played this one, huh?

Vancouver 3, Saint Louis 2 (OT)- The game ended in a overtime winner, none of that stupid shootout crap. Good job, St. Louis, for letting that happen.

Colorado 4, Carolina 2 – Colorado is going to lose in the first round of the Cup Playoffs.


Tweet of the Moment


Is this like, an electricity related physics question? I’m going to say “electrons” and hope that that is close enough.

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