Puck Dumps 10/25/13

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The Top Line

People are still talking about the Sabres and their suspensions. Some of them still have the same story up as yesterday! :NBC, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, Sporting News,



Boston 2, San Jose 1 – Congratulations, John Scott, you made more headlines than this excellent game between tw good teams. 

Vancouver 3, New Jersey 2 (SO) – It's settled! Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider are equally talented! Everyone is happy, it's all sorted out and — Oh wait, never mind. ASAS

Philadelphia 2, New York Rangers 1 – Advice: Don't go near the Garden for a while, because a black hole has developed.

Montreal 4, Anaheim 1 – The Saku Koivu derby saw Koivu go to Anaheim, but in this case, the points went to Montreal.

Tampa Bay 5, Chicago 5 (OT) – There was no way a 5-5 game was ending in a shootout.

Nashville 3, Winnipeg 2 (OT) – Dustin Byufuglien ha a gnarly error in OT and it essentially gave the Predators a win. 

Minnesota 3, Carolina 1 – Not many easy wins today. This one came only because Dany Heatley had an emty netter late.

Dallas 5, Calgary 1 – Oh, wait. There was an easy win. 

Washington 4, Edmonton 1 – I need to hold my tongue before I start reading off the Alberta scores.

Los Angeles 7, Phoenix 4 – What is this? Softball?


Tweet of the Day 


Johan Gustafsson is a goalie, called up to replace the injured Josh Harding. If there is one thing you need to know about Johan Gustafsson, it is this:

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