Puck Dumps 10/22/13

What time does the next flight to Cole Harbour leave?

The Top Line

EVERYONE was talking about last night's Avs – Penguins game. Well not everyone. There were a lot of storylines, though, ESPN NBC,Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, Sporting News, NHL.com, The Local Take



San Jose 1, Detroit 0 (SO) – No! We can NOT have a game in which two goalies played their asses off! We need to make one or both of them look silly by finishing it off with a shoot out! ASAS

Colorado 1, Pittsburgh 0 – Gabriel Landeskog scored the only goal in the game, and he isn't even from Cole Harbour.

Calgary 3, Los Angeles 2 – TJ Brodie scored in the dying moments of this game to get the win for the Flames. This might be the last time we ever mention TJ Brodie.


Tweet of the Moment


Sort of strange they make the team twitterer get to the rink early, in the event they have some players out there, isn’t it?

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