Puck Dumps 10/18/13

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The Top Line

Strictly speaking, ESPN and NHL.Com were talking about the Red Wings – Avs game from last night (Local Take), but three seperate sources are talking about the Oilers with three different stories, including trade talk (NBC) Nail Yakupov (Yahoo!) and some sort of "flashy player" poll (Sports Illustrated). 



Vancouver 3, Buffalo 0 – The Sabres had their one win for the season. They are all set.

New York Islander 3, Edmonton 2 – Ryan Smyth falls in a rematch with his former squad. Everyone remembers he used to play for the Islanders, right?

Pittsburgh 4, Philadelphia 1 – Everyone from Pittsburgh that I know calls it "FIlthadelphia" and oh my God it's so funny and I laugh so hard every time (ironically, because Pittsburgh sucks).

Carolina 3, Toronto 2 – This game ended badly for the Leafs. 3 3rd period goals for Carolina to overcome the deficit. This is made more incredible by the fact that, according to Yahoo!, the Canes didn't use a goalie

Montreal 5, Columbus 3 – And so soon after Columbus Day!

Ottawa 5, New Jersey 2 – Have the Sens played a Canadian team yet? 

Tampa 3, Minnesota 1 – Freakin' Stamkos, man.

Boston 3, Florida 2 – "No, it's cool guys, I'm much happier here" – Tim Thomas.

St. Louis 3, Chicago 2 (SO) – Saint Louis has played to their potential so far, it seems. Also, shootouts are stupid.

Los Angeles 2, Nashville 1 (SO) – The Kings haven't been as great as they would like you to believe so far. Also, shootouts are stupid.

Dallas 4, San Jose 3 (SO) – The Sharks are now also defeated, just like the Blues were earlier this week. Also, shootouts are stupid

Detroit 4, Colorado 2 – It had to be Detroit, didn't it, Patrick Roy?


Tweet of the Moment


That would be a mugshot of Zemgus Girgensons, who is a real person with a real shiner, who plays for the Sabres, who are not a real team.

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