Puck Dumps 10/16/13

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The Top Line

The Sharks ran all over the Blues last night, and are probably the best team in the league. ESPN, Sports Illustrated, NHL.com, The Local Take but also during that game, Dan Boyle was stretchered off the ice after a hit from behind. Yahoo, TSN, The Local Take



Chicago 3, Carolina 2 (SO) – The Hurricanes came back from 2-0 down to tie it and take a point. Also, shootouts are stupid.

Buffalo 4, New York Islanders 3 (OT) – The Sabres got a win! The Sabres are on the board! They did it! Now let's go back to ignoring the Sabres until they trade Vanek and Miller.

Vancouver 3, Philadelphia 2 – I keep forgetting that the Flyers are really bad too. Also, Chrissy Proner retired.

Pittsburgh 3, Edmonton 2 – Crosby assisted on all three goals. What a guy.

Toronto 4, Minnesota 1 – I'm glad that LD is so nice to me, otherwise she might say mean things about this game.

Tampa Bay 5, Los Angeles 1 – What the hell happened here?

Detroit 2, Columbus 1 – I'm just glad these two both wen to the Eastern Conference so the historic rivalry could be preserved. 

San Jose 6, St. Louis 2 – This battle of undefeateds was also a battle of heartbreaking first round playoff exits.

Nashville 4, Florida 3 – This WAS on NBC, right?

Montreal 3, Winnipeg 0 – I wonder if Manitoba is ready to let the Jets leave again.

Colorado 3, Dallas 2 – Patrick Roy seem to have figured this coaching thing out (fired in February 2015).

Ottawa 4, Phoenix 3 (OT) – Spezza with a hat trick, but also, the Coyotes were off to a pretty good start. This would have been a good game to watch, I assume. Did anyone?


Tweet of the Moment


This is a great quote, really. Alain Vigneault is quite the wordsmith. What type of things do you think Alain likes about John? His smile most of all, I assume. 

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