Puck Dumps 10/11/13

Hey, what's everyone doing this weekend? Can I come?

The Top Line

Not only did they talk about the fact that the Avs are undefeated, ESPN and NHL.Com used the same image on the home page. ESPN, NHL.Com, The Local Take

Montreal manhandled the Oilers last night in Edmonton. TSN, CBC, The Local Take



Carolina 3, Washington 2 – In the reunion everyone was waiting for, Alexander Semin scored for Carolina

Colorado 2, Boston 0 – As noted earlier, the Avalanche are off to a hot start. JS Giguere has been very good in net.

Columbus 4, Buffalo 1 – Patrick Kaleta is probably getting suspened after this game.

Tampa Bay 7, Florida 2 – Stephen Stamkos with a hat trick, and Forida with another reason not to see any fans this year.

Phoenix 4, Detroit 2 – Detroit is lucky they moved to the eastern conference, they wouldn't have cut it in the west.

Toronto 4, Nashville 0 – I'm not sure I'm ready to live in a world where the Maple Leafs are getting 4-0 shutouts on the road.

Minnesota 2, Winnipeg 1 – This score doesn't accurately portray how the Wild manhandled the Jets. 

Montreal 4, Edmonton 1 – If you add the ages of the 4 goal scorers for Montreal, you get the age of the Edmonton goal scorer, Ryan Smyth.

Anaheim 6, New York Rangers – So I guess the Rangers suck?

San Jose 4, Vancouver 1 – Why didn't Hertl score in this game, this is an outrage.


Tweet of the Moment


Tweeting your own handle is probably the lamest thing ever. But I mean, totally cool when you do it, Nashville.

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