Tea Party

Parties in Boston, a History

1620: After a long, difficult journey across the north Atlantic, the pilgrims arrive at Plymouth Rock, desperate to have alcohol with someone else. They are very happy to meet the local Native Americans. 

1773: England taxes tea too much. Boston is oblivious, because they are having a party. The drunken masses through boxes into the Harbor

1947-2011: Kennedys

1982: Cheers premiers. It is an entire show about a bar set in Boston, if you are too young to have witnessed the greatest show that has ever been aired. 

1984: Sam Adams is invented in Boston. Some cities name bridges and landmarks after revered historical figures. Boston chose beer.

1985-2013: Every film set in Boston in the past 28 years requires at least one scene in a bar, in which the protaganist does a shot. Look it up. 

2013: Tyler Seguin, a wealthy young man enjoys the drink and the local nightlife, and the entire city of Boston is scandalized. Seguin is ostracized and kicked out of town. Fortunately, the much more liberal and accepting state of Texas welcomes him to Dallas.

2014: This guy renews his season tickets

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