Keith Yandle ain’t got time for helmet hair

There was no way that Keith Yandle was coming into this post-skate interview with matted, greasy looking helmet hair. No, he was going to go as far in the other direction as he could. I'm not sure it's entirely possible, but Keith Yandle's hair is violent.  Those are some hearty, virile spikes running down his head. It's like the hair a stegasaurus would grow, if a stegasaurus could grow hair. Keith Yandle is a stegasaurus.

Keith Yandle, stegasaurus, hates helmet hair. He can't even look at it. He can't stand to be near it. Don't believe me? Look at the shame gripping Keith Yandle when Shane Doan's ugly helmet hair makes an appearance. I think the kids call this a "facepalm" 

Stegasaurus facepalm.

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