Introducing a change to the site for the NHL Season

Kevin Schultz started this site back in 1977 and handed it off to me a couple of years ago. Long time readers will readily point out that he and I have very different styles. Most notably, I don't tend to write in long form, and prefer to work with stupid one off jokes. That's all well and good, it's served me well, but since I don't post every day, and when I do, it's just a little nugget. I don't necessarily think this is fair to you, my beloved readers. 

I don't want to change how I write, because that would be frustrating and probably even worse than it is now, but I do want to ensure that there is content for you every day during the hockey season. The fact that I didn't post at all during the Stanley Cup finals was fairly embarrassing. That's why, starting at the beginning of the regular season, I am going to start a simple daily feature. I know that it will contain a daily scoreboard, but I am not sure what else it will contain. 

So, the other posts will continue at the same pace as they always have (intermittently), but on October 2nd, after opening night, please stay tuned for "Puck Dumps" our new daily feature here at Barry Melrose Rocks. If you have any ideas for what else this will contain, I encourage you to e-mail me at thevictimes[at], or e-mail Schultz at Islanders Point Blank and beg him to come back.

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Ryan has been working online since 2003 and is presently the proprietor of Barry Melrose Rocks, The Rhino and Compass and The Weather Blog at Victoria-Weather.