Inside the Toronto Maple Leafs boardroom

Board Member 1: Unbelievable! It's the middle of January, and we still have 0 points!

Board Member 2: Terrible! We have just as many points as Columbus!

Board Member 3: Even worse, look at the standings

In unison: Last place!

Board Member 1: And what have we done about it?

Board Member 2: Check the transaction page!

In unison: gasp. Nothing! 

Board Member 3: We need to prove to our fan base that we won't put up with this anymore?

Board Member 1: You're right! The Maple Leafs should be at the top! 

Board Member 2: We should fire the coach!

Board Member 3: It's not his fault that he has lousy players who haven't even scored a goal all season!

Board Member 1: You're right! Down with Burke!

Board Member 2: Fire Burke!

Board Member 3: It is decided! Fire Burke!

Board Member 1: Now that that's decided…. can someone help me tie my shoes?

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