I’m gonna have to write stuff!

In case you hadn't heard, the NHL season is back on! The season is going to start on the 19th and last for an all too brief 48 games. I am on record as saying that I don't really care for a shortened season. Well, I care, but not as much as I would for a full season. When we are done after 48 games, we will still have that unpleasant reminder that we were totally screwed over as fans. 

Oh, and there is the point that the proposed schedule is completely bogus. It sort of sucks (really sucks, actually) that my season's viewing of the NHL season will not once include the Maple Leafs, Islanders or Lightning, the three teams associated with the other writers here. Of course, there's these assholes who seem to be OK with the shorter schedule. 

I admit, I had sort of moved on from hockey during the lockout, but the Albanian Superliga is on its winter break, so the timing of the lockout's cessation came at exactly the right time. Well, I mean, it would have been better if it never happened, but you know. Actually, it's been so long that I forgot exactly what happened in the off-season before the lockout started. This helps

OH, shoot, dapper francophone Guillaume Latendresse has left? And he went to Ottawa? That means I'm not going to see him again until next season!

But at least there WILL be a next season.

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