Blackhawks gifts

For the Holidays, give Chicago’s worst possible apparel!

The Blackhawks (just like any team) would like you to buy their stuff. The Blackhawks are pushing some interesting choices this holiday season. What message do these items send?

Women's Chicago Retro Stripe – "I'm a Cubs fan!"

Men's Army Bruiser Longsleeve: – "I don't know what the Blackhawks are, but I like to wear this shirt to and from the gym."

Women's Feathers Sublimated Tee – "I might be racist!"

Men's Army Hoodie – "I like the Blackhawks! Those are some sweet helicopters!"

Women's Retro Reversible – "Nobody wears any team apparel to games anymore. That's disappointing."

Men's Army Logo Tee – "Wait, this isn't a German soccer team?"

Women's Chicago Flag Sublimated Tee – "Look at my boobs!"

Army 86th Infantry Hat: – "I'm a douchey hipster, and I'm not very good at it!"

Women's Army Longsleeve – "I change my own oil!"


Christmas is coming soon. What will your gifts say about you? 

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