Dear Blackhawks, Red Wings, and Maple Leafs fans… Your trade deadlines kicked ass!

Oh, sure, you could have been part of the Columbus fan base and watched your team make one of the biggest moves in the teams' history, acquiring Marian Gaborik, but then, you would probably have to live in Ohio and be a Blue Jackets' fan. Or you could be a Wild fan, who has watched the team suddenly spend all of their money on all of the players, but then have the sinking realization that they sunk a hell of a lot of their future into Jason Pominville. 

No no, fans of teams mentioned in the title of this post, it was indeed YOU who won the trade deadline. Take a look at what these media virtuosos have to say!

"On the bright side, Patrick Sharp and Marian Hossa should be returning to the lineup soon—giving the 'Hawks a much needed offensive boost. The return of these two players would be just as good as a trade for a team struggling to find consistency."

"Getting Bertuzzi, Helm, Samuelsson back will be like trade acquisition"

"…getting Joffrey Lupul back into the lineup is going to be huge from them. They’ve managed to contend without him. Getting him back is a huge addition, without having to surrender the pieces that you would in a trade."

So never fear, fans. Even if you didn't quite get to experience the excitement of a deadline deal, it's like you did. Bleacher Report can't be wrong!

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