Daniel Alfredsson spends a wistful afternoon in Ottawa

Here I am, listening to a song by Puff Diddy Daddy reminiscing on all the good times I had here in Ottawa, What a sad sack I am! Oh, all those good times. I had a teammate named Radek Bonk! I played in the national capital of a country slightly more powerful than Sweden!

Ah, but those days are behind me. Now, I have moved on to a great team in a great town. Well, actually, I am on an old team I made older simply by my presence. And Detroit is actually an impoverished, crime ridden hellhole. Have I made a mistake?

No. No I have not made a mistake. I make at least 3 and a half million dollars this year. What am I so sad about? Ha! Enough moping around, time to get in the hover-Lamborghini and go to practice!

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