Dallas Stars turn poor attendance into humor

Two seemingly unfortunate things came together in a fortuitous convergence on opening night.  First, Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o was duped into falling in love with a fake girlfriend over the internet. Next, the Dallas Stars were unable to sell out their opening night game. The Stars game day staff was able to turn those negatives into a positive though, as they got a killer jab at an obviously troubled young man by using their flagging ticket sales as part of the punchline

The joke was well received, which is great for a  the marketing team and everyone involved with the Stars. I anticipate that they will try to milk this joke for all it's worth. I fully anticipate the following Jumbotron welcomes to show up in Dallas at some point this sesaon.

– Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and an honest lawyer

– Visiting fans of the Phoenix Coyotes

– Train fan club

– Abominable Snowman

– Residents of the city of Atlantis. All 18,532 of them.

I expect a season full of sick burns by the Dallas Stars this year. Nothing worse than getting slammed by a sport you don't play in a state that is 1000 miles from you, right Manti? 

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