Around the Horn discusses the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Tony Reali: All right, you guys, we saw the Penguins defeat the Ottawa Senators in Game 5 last night. Can they be defeated, or is the Cup theirs for the taking? Plaschke?!

Bill Plaschke: You gotta like the Los Angeles Kings here, Tony. They won the cup last year, and and and and I'm just not sure how you pick against the Lakers. I mean Kings. Los Angeles!

Bob Ryan: Plaschke, come on. Obviously the sun out there in Los Angeles has baked you a little too much. How could you make such a homer pick?! Obviously, the biggest threat to the Penguins will be the Boston Bruins. 

Bomani Jones: The Pittsburgh Penguins have scored 4.27 goals a game. Their power play converted nearly 25% of their chances during the regular season, more than 6% better than league average. Sidney Crosby has 7 goals in the playoffs. James Neal had a hat trick last night.

Tim Cowlishaw: I think if anything, Detroit has proven in their handling of the skill players for the Chicago Blackhawks that they will be able to deal with the the speed and agility of Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. I think the Blackhawks are a good proxy for a team that would have to face the Penguins down the road. And it's sort of interesting to think that the story early in the season was about the Blackhawks as the dominant team, and now they might —

Tony Reali: All right, final word… Plaschke

Plaschke: Los Angeles!

Ryan: Cam Neely!

Jones: Pittsburgh is the 2nd largest city in Pennsylvania

Cowlishaw: Jimmy Howard is playing —

Reali: All right then, moooving on to the NBA now!

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