A Dedication

We don't make dedications here very often, but I'd like to buck that tradition a bit.  I know I haven't been good about posting, and I feel like I'm neglecting you guys.  Honestly, I'm maybe half-assing (more like quarter-assing) pretty much anything I'm doing at the current time.  So, I'd like to dedicate a post to Ryan "the Enforcer." Dude has been trying his best to keep this site afloat to make sure you never run out of hockey related dick jokes. No matter how down/distracted/drunk/etc I am, Ryan is busting his ass every day or so and still helping everyone laugh at the Red Wings missing the playoffs.  Ryan, I raise a drink and I made a little something for you. 


About Kim Ware

Former hockey joke monger who currently lives in Tampa, Florida. She occasionally yells at bad movies, shows, and sports you don't watch on twitter @loser_domi