The Sedins go fishing

[SCENE: The Sedins sit on a bridge holding fishing poles]

Daniel: It is a sad day, Henrik. No more hockey for us.

Henrik: I am confused, Daniel. We are the best. We had 4 Swedes, and only 1 Finn.

Daniel: Salo….

Henrik: Efterbliven! 

[Daniel and Henrik sit in silence, holding their poles, which are, in truth, only sticks with rope tied to the end]

[Ryan Kesler lurks in the back ground, pretending like he doesn’t want to be noticed, but really is making a deperate plea for attention]

Henrik: Oh, hellow Ryan Kesler. What are you doing on our fishing bridge?

Kesler: This is a city park, Henrik, there are a lot of people here.

Daniel: Perhaps that is why we are not catching anything.

Kesler: And also, this is a pedestrian bridge. To catch fish, you need to be casting your line into water.

[Sedins emit high pitched squeal]

Kesler: What’s so funny? That was a laugh right?

Henrik: In Sweden, “fishing” means to use fish as bait. We’re not so stupid as to be worming in a park with no water!

Kesler: Of… course, you’re not.

[Daniel pulls in line. Tied to the end is a salmon]

Daniel: See? This is fishing for Swedes?

Kesler: Dare I ask what you are trying to catch?

Henrik: Bears.

Kesler: You’re trying to catch a bear in a city park in Vancouver?

Daniel: No, one for each of us, why would we share just one bear? You ask very strange questions, Ryan Kesler.

Kesler: Why….

Henrik: Oh look, Daniel, you got a nibble!

Kesler: Holy Christmas! [Kesler runs away]

Henrik: Rats. And I was going to invite him to the annual Sedin Bear Race and Caribou hunt.

Daniel: I think I’m going to name him Bear!  

Henrik: Great name!

[Bear tries to eat Daniel’s arm]

Henrik: Excellent! He likes you! The offseason is sure going to be relaxing! 

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