The Dallas Stars bond

Brandon Morrow: I just can’t get over the Olympics, the pageantry, the honor, the pride of country. It almost brings a tear to my eye.

Vernon Fiddler:  I know what you mean. Just a fantastic display of patriotism by all involved. The whole world is watching as they play their game.

Jaromir Jagr: I wish I could participate in the Olympics.

/room slowly turns to Jagr

Morrow: Jaromir, you have been in the Olympics.

Fiddler: 4 times.

Jagr: Oh yeah? Name one.

Morrow: 2 years ago in Vancouver.

Jagr: Really?

Morrow: Really.

Jagr: No, I must have been there to play the Canucks. I distinctly remember the Sedins.

Morrow: Well, sure, they were playing for Sweden.

Jagr: Sweden? In Vancouver? Canucks fans must have been upset.

Fiddler: No, I don’t think they were. Canada won the gold medal.

Jagr: Man, I tell you what, if I am playing in America, I am going to play for America, that’s all I’m saying.


Fiddler: ….

Jagr: Do the Sedin’s still play for Sweden? Or are they back with the Canucks?

Morrow: ….

Fiddler: …..

Jagr: You know, I think I am remembering it better. And I remember distinctly because I played for America.

Morrow: No you didn’t.

Jagr: Yes, yes I did. I was wearing the red white and blue.

Fiddler: Those are the same colors as the Czech Republic.

Jagr: Pshaw, like that’s a real place.

/Fiddler and Morrow give up.

Jagr: Man, I’ve been to Ontario, and I don’t remember London looking anything like this. 

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