Residents of Ottawa do not approve

One of my favorite activities, of course, is perusing the photo albums of games and checking out the crowd shots. I had never done this for a game in Ottawa before, and I have to say… Is everyone in Ottawa clinically depressed, or just enormously dispassionate? 

This is the first of several pictures from the gallery featuring white hot hockey action between the Sens and New Jersey Devils, as well as very angry hockey fans. Look at the second guy from the left! I hope he is on a watch list somewhere.
The guy in the Sens sweater can’t even be bothered to look at the game. What’s going on up there, sir? You could be watching a hooking penalty!


First, you eye is drawn to the fellow in the light blue shirt who looks like an extra in a high school drama, but then, below him… is that Elijah Wood in a White Sox hat? Either way, they both look pissed and/or bored. There are another half a dozen pictures like this in the gallery, so I will instead introduce you to the one fan having a good time:

You probably annoyed the hell out of those sitting around you with your “excitement” and “emotions”, but I want to tell you, sir, that the rest of the world is not as catatonic as Ottawa. Also, you might be Jerry Springer. 

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