I’m off

Yes, I know, I haven’t been publishing as much here. There’s a reason I’m Loser Domi and not Winner Domi.  The truth is, between work and packing what seems to be an ever-growing amount of crap to move, I haven’t been as dedicated to the site as I should be. However, I am going once again to the lovely city of Tampa Bay, AKA a magical, mythical fairy land (if you trust what Ryan says)
downtown Tampa
Pictured above: Downtown Tampa.

On the plus side, I get to go to a Leafs/Lightning game while I’m down there. Nothing like a battle for the basement for a birthday, amirite? Maybe I’ll get a hug from Thunderbug, or a highfive from the Ice Girls   Professional Pom-pom shakers. Maybe, since it’s my birthday (well, the day before), I can score some stadium beers  or a puck or something. I’ll be sure to take photos and document the adventure here.