Happy Birthday, Kevin Schultz

Today is Kevin Schultz’s birthday. If you don’t know, Schultz founded this site, invited me and Loser Domi to write here, and now weeps quietly to himself on Long Island as we slowly drive it into the ground. In honor of his birthday, here is Kevin’s favorite image of all time:

Feel free to harass Kevin about his birthday on Twitter. You have my permission. He is an Islanders fan, is very happy about them going to Brooklyn and really enjoys Civil War reenactment. This is his 47th birthday. The big 4-7! Use all of this information in any harrassing birthday related tweets.

You know what, I’m looking at that picure and wondering what it would be like if Snoop was involved with the labor negotiations. I don’t know what kind of arbitrator he is, but I can assure you things would be a lot more mellow.

But anyways, happy birthday, Kevin. 

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