Barry Melrose Rocks finds our way

In case you hadn't heard, we almost had a deal today! Well, the NHL made a proposal, then the NHLPA made a counter offer. Initially, it seemed like there was some good negotiating ready to happen. But then, the NHL decided that they weren't really going to talk… they just wanted the PA to sign their deal, even though it cut deep and didn't actually solve any problems. So are we going to have hockey any time soon? 

That means BMR needs to find another purpose, another direction. But what? 

Well, this started as a hockey blog, right? Schultz posted every day, with scores and updates and opinions and ice girls. Why can't we keep it up? We could talk about the KHL, or college hockey, or even the Olympics! Quick, anybody have a good Ferris State joke? No? No. I tried a KHL post one time, but I think that's all it will ever be. 

The name IS Barry Melrose Rocks. What if we just started posting pictures of a whimsical Barry Melrose?

Lookin' fresh, BM!

Yeah, OK, that's creepy.

Well, what if we made it Canadian sports friendly? Barry is Canadian, hockey is a sport. There are 2 national past times in Canada, I hear. Hockey is 1, lacrosse is the other. Lacrosse? La freakin crosse?
Are they wearing skirts? Oh hell no. Loser Domi is the only person around here allowed to wear a skirt, and I BELIEVE she prefers pants. (Schultz is grandfathered in as well. He is also allowed to wear a skirt)

So, um, what else is there? Rocks? Could we talk about rocks? I don't know. I'm really at a loss. We'll figure something out. 

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