The Versus [Drinking] game of the Halloween – San Jose at New York Rangers

IT’s Halloween, and if you’re like me, you constantly forget that Halloween falls during the NHL season. It doesn’t seem like it fits, does it? I think winter and spring wihen I think hockey, not autumn Of course, the Wild offense IS ghastly, so perhaps I should be reminded of that fact every time Mikko Koivu opts to pass instead of shooting at a wide open net.
But I digress. This year, we are treated to a game between the Sharks and the Rangers.  Good costume ideas all around. Obviously, the shark is the master of the sea and would be fantastic for a prospective trick or treater. On the other hand, the “Ranger” could be a Power Ranger or a Walker Texas Ranger. Lots of chances for creativity out there. 
Of course, I expect most people to throw on a hockey jersey, and say they are a hockey player. (If you were wondering, I am going to be Doug for Halloween. Doug Funnie)


… For every pumpkin shown on a graphic or as part of a live shot. There will be many. Be warned. 

… For every legitimate costume you seen in the crowd. Twice if it is a Shark or Ranger themed costume. Thrice if it’s Land Shark.

… If John Tortorella is dressed as “slutty John Tortorella”

… if there are ghosts at MSG. (There are)


And what do the ladies of Talk-Sports say about Joe Thornton?

– He has a baby!

– “joe thornton is mentaly awesome”  

– “Alexander Ovechkin is way AWEOMEER” 


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