The Creepy Sedin Show: A look at the Lightning


Announcer: WElcome to the Creepy Sedin Show! In this episode, the Sedins look at potential Stanley Cup finals opponent the Tampa Bay Lightning! Now, here they are…. the Sedins!


/Sedins sit and stare ominously

Henrik: We have a guest

Announcer: Please welcome, from the Tampa Bay Lightning… Martin St. Louis!


/Martin St. Louis waves to the crowd. Arrives on stage, confused, as Sedins are faceing away from the crowd. He grabs an empty chair.


/Sedins slowly spin around.

Daniel: Martin St. Louis. Your name makes us laugh, because it is spelled the same as

St. Louis: Yes, yes, as the city in Missouri

Henrik: The what? St. Louis is a city in Missouri? What is Missouri?

Daniel: I don’t think I have heard of it

St.Louis: That’s where the Blues play… I’m sure you have heard of it. I’m sure you’ve both been there, in fact.

Henrik: I remember the Blues. They wore blue. The Blues play in Missouri?

St. Louis: Yes, in St. Louis.

Daniel: Don’t play games with us. You said they play in Missouri, then you said they play in St. Louis. Which is it?

St. Louis: Uh.. both. St. Louis is in Missouri.

/Sedins stare at St. Louis wordlessly for 14 minutes.

Daniel: As I was saying. Your name makes us laugh, because it is the same as our favorite television show.

St.Louis: Your favorite show is… Martin?

Henrik: Hahahahahahahahahahaahahhaahahah Hilarious! What is up? What is up?!

St. Louis: I… am not familiar with Martin Lawrence’s works…



St. Louis: So anyways, I’m hear to talk about the potential match between our teams. Your Canucks, my Tampa Bay Lightning

Henrik: Tampar

St. Louis: Sorry

Henrik: It’s pronounced Tampar.

St. Louis: No, I’m pretty sure it’s Tampa…

Daniel: Henrik is right. Portuguese for “to cover or cork” is Tampar.

St. Louis: But I’m saying… wait, you speak Portuguese?

Henrik: We are multilingual. We speak Swedish, English, Portuguese, Tagalog and Peregrine. 

St. Louis: Peregrine? I’m not sure I’m familiar with that one…

/Daniel and Henrik shriek like Peregrine falcons

/They don’t stop

/they try to continue the interview in this manner

St Louis: I’m… just going to go

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