The NBC [drinking] Game of the Week: Detroit at Pittsburgh

For the second time in a row, I wanted to change things up a bit. Sorry if this frightens you. Indeed, this week I wanted to give you a mid-day binge between the past two seasons’ Stanley Cup finalists (and champions, obvs). I need to be totally honest with everyone. I am running out of Penguins related rules. They are Versus SO MUCH. They can wear their baby blue onesies, but I know it’s them. It’s always them. No, this is just a free opportunity to rag on NBC for a little while. Awesome.


… if NBC oversimplifies a concept, like offsides quickly after Pierre Maguire tells a story of his time in the league that not even the most ardent of hockey fans understands.

… if Carson Daly turns up alive.

… if Chuck (or any NBC ‘superstar’) is conveniently at the game. Let me tell you something. Chuck does not live in Pittsburgh.

… the rest of your drink if hockey survives the delicate marketing masterstroke of NBC. NBC, man.

Drinking player of the week: Sergei Gonchar. This weeks fun facts are presented to you NBC style!

- Sergei Gonchar plays on the same team as Sid the Kid! Sidney Crosby!

- Sergei Gonchar plays in the same city as the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers. Sunday night is Football Night in America!

- Deep down inside, Sergei Gonchar’s greatest dream is to be a guest on the Tonight Show, but only if Leno is hosting. Conan O’Brien is a horrible man beast for trying to ruin Sergei’s dream.


Enjoy the game, everyone. And no matter how much they insist, you don’t actually HAVE to watch Heroes anymore.

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