the peter go no tourists

Fun with mistranslations: The Peter go no tourists!

With the Carolina Hurricanes nearing their exhibition match against SKA St. Petersburg of the KHL in Russia, I perused to see if there was any pre-game hype.  Whether the Russian hockey fans are jacked up about it or not I still don’t know.  But apparently a former Super League player is so excited that he’s um.. talking about “The Peter”:

After the jump, a few more fun screen-grabs with head-scratching translations.  Oh you silly Russians..

mistranslation without heads

Dude played against CSKA so hard that he knocked their heads off?  Holy crap. Talk about a fierce competitor.

mistranslation frontline ovechkin

Ovechkin has already put on his Frontline for the month.  That’s good, because I hear it’s the best for keeping fleas and ticks off.