The Versus [drinking] Game of the Week (Colorado at San Jose)

Sorry I’m so late in posting this. I’ve spent most of the day hacking up bits and pieces of my lungs as I slowly die of bird flu. Actually, what really happened… I have the entire week off from Real Job, Inc. and immediately came down with the whooping cough. A combination of nowhere to be and Nyquil meant I slept until noon today, which mean I had to run all my errands post haste. Later, one thing lead to another, and here I am, awake at 2am, writing a drinking game. My drink of choice will be more Nyquil.

This will be the last regular season drinking game of the year. Shed a tear. In honor of that, all of these rules will be rehashed from some of the previous drinking games of the season. Drink retrospectively with me.


… when Sports Soup is promoted. Twice if you know anyone who has actually watched it. 5 times if YOU have actually watched it.

… if there is a debate over the most entertaining name on the Sharks roster. Is it Cheechoo? Is it Setoguchi? Fun for everyone.

… every time they spend more than 5 seconds on a team not featured in this game. Twice if it’s your team!

… because it makes Brian Engblom’s hair less scary. (seriously, we’re cool with mullets, but damn)

… for every finger you’ve never injured with a snowblower

Thanks for the memories, drinkers!

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