Somewhere in Philadelphia…

[Scott Hartnell wakes up in a cold sweat]

Mrs. Hartnell: Scott! What is it?!

Hartnell: It was horrible…. horrible

Mrs. Hartnell: What? What was horrible?

Hartnell: I was wearing this horrible blue and mustard yellow sweater….

Mrs. Hartnell: Oh no!

Hartnell: And we kept getting pummeled by these people in red!

Mrs. Hartnell: How awful!

Hartnell: And the coach…. the coach was MISSING HIS NECK!

Mrs: Hartnell: That does sound like a nightmare! Are you going to be OK?

Hartnell: I’ve had that same nightmare over and over again for the past two years. I have to do something. I have to make a phone call.

Other end of the line: You have reached the office of David Poile. Unfortunately, I am not available to take your call right now, but please, leave your name and a brief message after the tone, and I will try to call you back! **BEEEP**

Hartnell: I don’t know what you did to me Poile, but I can’t take any more. Ever since I left the Predators, I haven’t been right, man. Playing professional hockey in Nashville…. It stays with you. *click*

[The next day in the boardroom in Nashville]

Poile: Good news everyone! We have a marketing strategy!


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